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Julkaistu: 18.05.2020



MM-Wood Oy focuses on planing and strength grading sawn timber as a contractual partner of Hartman Iron Ltd and JPJ-Wood Oy. Hyster® lift trucks are in use within the planing operation at MM-Wood Oy in Korkeakoski, Juupajoki.

Established in 2013, MM-Wood Oy employs 16 people in total, using Hyster forklift trucks to unload lumber packages from vehicles, as well as feed the planing line, receive finished packages and transfer them to the warehouses.

Quick response for immediate decision making

Local Hyster® distribution partner in Finland, RealLift OY, provided a demo truck for the customer to test soon after their enquiry, enabling them to make a decision quickly.

RealLift, which has experience working with sawmills, provides service from 20 authorised service centres around Finland. If a part is not available, next-day delivery on spare-parts is provided by the Hyster® warehouse in the Netherlands.

Designed for Productivity

RealLift supplied MM-Wood Oy with two heavy duty forklifts to assist with their operations.

The Hyster® H18XM-9 Heavy Duty Forklift Truck has a lifting capacity of 18 tonnes, making it possible to move six bundles at a time, instead of four, and to use this truck for both loading, and unloading shipments.

The Hyster® H12XM-12 Heavy Duty Forklift Truck (12-tonne lift capacity) moves bundles to and from the planer. These trucks have a smaller wheelbase making them easier to operate in tight spaces, as well as being more agile.

Efficiency and Reliability

Fuel consumption has decreased thanks to the new trucks. MM-Wood Oy estimates that hourly consumption is now between just 7 to 8 litres, even though the forks carry heavy loads at all times.

To assist drivers, the hydraulics on the Hyster® lift trucks respond to the weight on the forks and provide lifting power automatically. The driver does not need to increase the engine speed. Drivers are further assisted by ergonomic cabs, with good seats, air conditioning, low noise levels and good visibility in all directions. The controls are the same on both trucks for consistency for the operator.

Both of the lift trucks also have an automatic system that reduces (or even shuts down) engine power if certain limits, such as fluid temperatures, are under or over the limit.

To simplify maintenance, all possible components are consistent throughout the range of Hyster® big trucks and the maintenance software is the same.


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